sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013

How to remove iPhoto faces with a shell script

Now I will show you a very simple (but yet effective) way to remove the iPhoto faces with a shell script (It seems that iPhoto does not have an option to disable this feature -that's ridiculous!).

1) Open a Terminal (cmd space and then type Terminal )
2) Type vi  and then press i
3) Copy and paste the following code:

mdfind 'kMDItemDisplayName == "IMG_*face*.jpg"'|awk '{print "rm -f \""$0"\""}'>rmfaces 
chmod 755 rmfaces
rm rmfaces 
echo "It's done!"

4) Press  and then type :x , choose the filename (byefaces) and hit
5) Once you are in the terminal prompt again, type 

    chmod 755 byfaces 

5) That's all!!!! 
6) Now execute it and It's done! 


This works for me. Please let me know if It works for you. 

Ps. This will erase the files that were created by iPhoto but iPhoto will continue creating face files, so execute the script as you need it.

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